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First Visit

7 years and up

Kids Braces


Each child has their own unique dental and facial needs that an orthodontist will evaluate over time. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), recommends that the first orthodontic evaluation should occur around the age of 7. This is the perfect time to have an orthodontic evaluation as prior to this, it is simply too early to fully evaluate what should be done. After this age, it is possible that we may miss an opportunity for orthodontic troubleshooting, planning, and most importantly growth.

Dr. McClaran will evaluate your child’s teeth and facial pattern to look for proper symmetry, balance and growth. After appropriate x-rays have been taken, the number of teeth will be counted as some children have missing teeth and some have extra teeth. She will make sure you know what your child’s needs are and explain how orthodontic treatment will help your child get all of their teeth into a great position with proper alignment for their best smile possible. Dr. McClaran will advise you of any concerns that may arise while your child grows and develops. Most importantly, she wants to make sure every child and family feels comfortable and confident being seen at their appointments. The best orthodontic result always starts with a good doctor/patient relationship and this is of great importance to Dr. McClaran with all of her families.