Invisalign for Adults

Changing Lives

One Smile at a time

At McClaran Orthodontics, we know that orthodontic treatment is for all ages, but not one-size-fits-all. Adult patients love Invisalign not only because the aligners are virtually invisible, but they also allow wearers the flexibility to do all of their favorite things without worrying about brackets and wires. Invisalign is a treatment that adapts to your lifestyle, not the other way around. You need a treatment that works hard for you and delivers beautiful results that will last a lifetime. The McClaran Orthodontics team is here to help you on the first step of your journey to the smile of your dreams.

Why Should I Get Invisalign As an Adult?

A common misconception is that orthodontic treatment is only for teenagers when in reality many issues can develop in adulthood or can worsen after adolescence. While the jaw and mouth are already fully formed, there can still be natural shifting that takes place. Orthodontics goes beyond aesthetics, it’s also an important component of good oral health. Misaligned bites and overcrowded teeth can have unintended consequences that can affect your overall health. It’s crucial that adults have these problems corrected so that they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle by way of beautiful teeth.

Invisalign is a favorite among our adult patients because of how discreet the aligners are on your teeth. Made with a clear thermoplastic material, they are both discreet and incredibly comfortable. They fit snugly on your teeth and make all necessary adjustments through consistent pressure.

How Will You Start My Treatment Plan?

Your treatment plan will begin with a consultation. Dr. McClaran will examine your mouth and jaw to assess your needs. We believe our patients need all of the details to make an educated decision, so she will go over your options and discuss what Invisalign treatment would look like for you.

After determining that you want to move forward with the treatment, we will take a 3D image of your mouth so that we can account for every groove and see every tooth. We will use this image for a variety of purposes. First, Dr. McClaran will create a treatment plan that tends to your specific needs. You will be able to see a projection of how your dream smile will look once your treatment is complete. After the plan is decided on, we will use the image to have your first set of aligners printed in a thermoplastic material called SmartTrack that is designed for patient comfort.

After your first set of aligners, you will receive a new set of aligners every week that have been adjusted slightly to move your teeth closer to your desired smile.

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

The length of your treatment time in Invisalign depends on how extensive the problems are that need correcting. This varies from patient to patient, but treatment length in Invisalign is usually comparable to that of traditional metal braces. A typical timeline for Invisalign treatment is about one to two years. To get a more realistic idea of what Invisalign would mean for you, schedule an appointment with our doctor and knowledgeable team today!

How Much Will My Invisalign Clear Aligners Cost?

The cost of Invisalign also varies from patient to patient. The price depends on how long you will need to remain in treatment based on how extensive the issues are that need fixing. Invisalign is an investment into better oral health and a beautiful smile, and we want this treatment to be available to everyone. To help our family of patients, we have created a variety of flexible financing plans that are designed to help you get the treatment you need without breaking the bank.

How Do I Clean Invisalign?

Cleaning your Invisalign is simple! All you need to do is follow your typical oral healthcare routine and brush your aligners with warm water before you replace them. We recommend using dish soap, water, and a tooth brush designated for aligners. You don’t want to put dirty aligners on your freshly cleaned teeth, so make sure they get cleaned and don’t carry any harmful bacteria into your mouth.

Is Invisalign Uncomfortable?

Invisalign is gaining popularity among patients because it is one of the most comfortable forms of orthodontic treatment. The material the clear aligners are printed in has been engineered for patient comfort. We use the 3D image of your mouth to make sure the aligners fit snugly and don’t rub against your gums and cause unnecessary pain. Additionally, we cut down any excess material so that the plastic doesn’t extend beyond your teeth. This treatment is a good option for anyone who already has sensitivities but still wants to achieve their dream smile.