Ensure Lasting Results for the Long Haul

Dr. McClaran knows the work doesn’t end when you remove your last aligner or your braces come off. You should have care that lasts just as long!

We also know accidents happen — including with your retainer. That’s why McClaran Orthodontics offers their Retainer Insurance Program: so you can keep your smile looking new and feeling its best — without costing you a lot of money.

Retainer Insurance Program

Following your orthodontic treatment, you’ll need a retainer to ensure your smile stays in its newly aligned, beautifully straight position — otherwise, your teeth may quickly drift out of place when your treatment concludes.

Our Retainer Insurance Program ensures that if you lose or damage your retainer, you can get a replacement quickly and conveniently — without draining your wallet or undoing your smile gains.

How It Works

  • $650 Enrollment
  • 4 Sets Per Year
  • 6 Years
  • $20 Co-Pay For Each Set

Why Insure Your Retainer?

The McClaran Orthodontics Retainer Insurance Program is a great investment if you:

  • Want to prevent unwanted tooth movement
  • Are a college student
  • Have a child who’s in junior high, high school, or college
  • Grind your teeth
  • Own a dog or cat who thinks retainers make great chew toys
  • Like the peace-of-mind of just having a backup pair

Insure Your Smile Gains

After you finish your orthodontic treatment, let us know if you’d like to opt into our Retainer Insurance Program. We’ll give you a model of your teeth and your first set of retainers. And whenever you need new retainers, we’ll provide you with what you need!

If you’re interested in joining this program, Contact Us Today to learn how you can participate in the McClaran Orthodontics Retainer Insurance Program.