Tailor-Made Smiles With Next-Gen Tech

Dr. McClaran and our team at McClaran Orthodontics are thrilled to introduce LightForce clear braces. With these novel appliances, we're elevating smile transformations. LightForce makes reaching the smile you've always wanted simpler and faster.

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What Makes LightForce Clear Braces Different?

LightForce clear braces are not your run-of-the-mill orthodontic treatment. Instead, they're 3D-printed to fit your teeth. Dr. McClaran uses these personalized braces to offer a treatment that's as unique as you are.

Plus, their innovative design means fewer visits to McClaran Orthodontics and a quicker path to your dream smile.

Completely Customized Treatment

Wave goodbye to generic treatments. With LightForce clear braces, Dr. McClaran crafts a customized treatment plan for you.

Each set of clear braces is 3D-printed to match the unique shape of each tooth. What does that mean for you?

Faster treatment times and a more comfortable fit let you focus on life while your smile gets the upgrade it deserves.

Science Behind the Scenes

LightForce clear braces aren't just about looks. They're backed by serious science. Dr. McClaran and the team at McClaran Orthodontics are excited to offer this advanced orthodontic solution.

The braces’ ceramic material is robust, but molded particularly for your smile. This high-caliber quality guarantees a lifelong smile enhancement.

Precision is a key element of LightForce clear braces. 3D printing technology ensures that each brace fits perfectly. The result? Fewer complications and improved efficiency.

Advantages of LightForce Custom Clear Braces

In the dynamic field of orthodontics, LightForce custom braces represent a significant advancement. They integrate cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design, providing McClaran Orthodontics patients with a treatment experience that is both state-of-the-art and individualized.

The effectiveness of these braces is amplified by their customization, offering a treatment that is uniquely yours.

Every element of LightForce is designed especially for you, allowing for a quicker and more comfortable path to an improved smile.

  • Custom Fit: Each bracket is precision 3D-printed to align perfectly with each tooth.
  • Optimal Comfort: The ceramic material and ergonomic design maximize patient comfort.
  • Streamlined Treatment: The accuracy of LightForce technology reduces the average treatment duration.
  • More Time At Home: The bespoke nature of LightForce necessitates fewer adjustments, thereby minimizing the number of appointments.
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Discover the Next Level of Smile Perfection

Dr. McClaran and our team at McClaran Orthodontics are excited to bring you the future of orthodontic care with LightForce custom braces.

Experience a treatment that's as unique as your smile. We design our LightForce clear braces to give you the perfect smile in less time.

Who Benefits from LightForce?

LightForce is available for all ages. Kids, teens, adults, and seniors. Are you looking to keep your classmates in the dark about your treatment?

Maybe you’re an adult who wants the best results. LightForce helps everyone, regardless of how old they are.

LightForce Clear Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Though traditional braces have long been the go-to in orthodontics, LightForce clear braces introduce a fresh perspective on teeth alignment:

  • Traditional Braces: Off-the-shelf and manually adjusted, often following a generalized treatment plan.
  • LightForce Clear Braces: Custom-designed for your particular smile, minimizing the need for frequent adjustments and guaranteeing a snug fit.

LightForce In the Lead

LightForce custom braces offer more than a sleeker look compared to traditional options.

Their innovative design ensures comfort and efficiency, speeding up the treatment process. With its subtle aesthetic and custom fit, LightForce has become the go-to for patients aiming for the highest quality in orthodontic treatment.

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May the LightForce Be With You

Rise beyond the usual orthodontic options. Choose the customized advantage of LightForce custom braces. Reach out to our office now or schedule a free consultation to see if they fit you.

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