Starting Your Smile Journey

Learn all about what happens at your free consultation and beyond!

Enjoy a Comfortable Experience

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Our goal at McClaran Orthodontics is to create an environment where you feel comfortable and know that you're receiving the best care possible. When you walk through the door, you'll be welcomed by our highly skilled staff and given an experience tailored to you.

We consider our patients to be a part of the McClaran Orthodontics family, and that's how we treat every person who sits in our chairs.

We want to give you the tools to make an educated decision about your orthodontic treatment, so Dr. McClaran will personally attend to you on your first visit and assess your needs. From there, she'll discuss all of your options with you so that we can best serve your needs and find a treatment that caters to your lifestyle.

The First Visit Is Free

We don’t want you to feel any pressure when you visit us for the first time, so we’ve made the consultation completely free.

We believe that our dedication to you and commitment to beautiful results will be reason enough to come back after your first visit.

We also want you to feel like you are choosing the right orthodontist for your needs before you invest in your smile, so we give you all of the information you need to decide.

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Timeline & Financial Info

After you speak with Dr. McClaran and decide on a treatment that best suits your needs, our team will be able to give you a realistic timeline and cost estimate. This varies with every treatment and patient, so no two estimates are exactly alike.

To help dampen your treatment costs, we will try to work with your insurance provider and reduce out-of-pocket fees. We also offer a variety of flexible financing plans so that you can get the smile you deserve without breaking the bank.

Every step of the treatment process is designed with you in mind and your dream smile as the goal. We will work with you every step of the way and lead you along the journey to better oral health.

Comprehensive Exam

To best understand what problems need addressing through treatment, we will first perform a comprehensive exam. We will do a comprehensive exam so that Dr. McClaran will be able to make recommendations for treatment.

We want to ensure that your time and money are honored no matter what decision you come to, so we think it’s crucial to see what problems if any, need to be fixed to better your oral health.

Once Dr. McClaran is able to review your records, she will present the information to you and hear your feedback before she gives her professional recommendation for treatment.

This part of the process is all about open dialogue, and our doctor wants to hear what expectations you have for treatment based on the problems we have identified. No one understands the demands of your lifestyle like you, so your opinion is very important in deciding what your orthodontic journey will look like.

Get to Know Each Other

Our patients are our family, and we want you to get to know who we are so that we can build that relationship from the moment you walk in the door. During your first visit, you will experience who we are as an office and witness our passion for crafting beautiful smiles.

When you love what you do, it never feels like a job, so we like to have fun while getting things done. You will notice Disney movies playing around the office, and, as our resident Disney expert, Dr. McClaran, may even slide a film quote into your first meeting!

Just as we want you to get to know who we are as a team, we also want to get to know you as a patient. It’s important that we understand what your goals are for your smile and what you’re looking for in treatment.

Whether it be a discreet process or a more traditional route, we will find the corrective treatment that works best for your stage of life.