Solving Common Invisalign Problems

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First impressions are important. Having a beautiful, straight smile is essential for both children’s and adults’ self-esteem when making acquaintances, during presentations, and more. 

You shouldn’t feel like your smile is holding you back. Investing in corrective orthodontic devices is a great idea if you’re ready to fix it.

Every orthodontic device comes with a set of minor problems and recommendations for care. Though aligners are easier to care for than some devices, you still ought to consider the following Dr. McClaran-approved guide on common Invisalign problems. 

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners help straighten your teeth with a series of several plastic trays. Over time, the trays become gradually wider. When your teeth comfortably fit into one tray, you will continue to graduate to the next until your dental arch has healed in the target position. 

Dr. McClaran creates personalized treatment plans to ensure that your teeth gradually move into their final position. Because you can remove Invisalign when you eat and brush your teeth, you don’t have to change your normal oral hygiene routine. 

Invisalign has a lot of benefits. But, like every other orthodontic treatment plan, there are some problems that you must consider when beginning treatment. 

Most Common Invisalign Care Problems

Here are some of the most common problems that patients have with Invisalign care: 

  •     Tooth sensitivity
  •     Duration of daily wearing time
  •     Discoloration of trays
  •     Brushing teeth constantly
  •     Losing aligners

Tooth Sensitivity

Like braces, you will likely experience mild discomfort while wearing Invisalign. When you begin treatment or as you change clear aligners, your teeth must move and adapt to the new position.  

Some patients also experience discomfort because the aligners wear at different parts of the mouth (the tongue, gums, cheeks, etc.). You should discuss options on how to stop your Invisalign from rubbing or how to ease the pain with Dr. McClaran. 

Duration of Wearing Time

One of the most common Invisalign problems is a commitment to treatment. Many patients don’t realize that you must wear plastic aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day to achieve straight teeth. If you can’t commit to wearing them, including while sleeping, braces are a better option. 

Discoloration of Trays

Invisalign can become discolored depending on your diet and oral hygiene habits. If you’re a coffee or tea-drinker, smoker, soda lover, or wine aficionado, you must remove your aligners to drink and brush afterward or avoid these liquids. 

Brushing Teeth Constantly

One of the best ways to avoid aligner discoloration is to brush your teeth as much as possible. Every time you eat anything, even if it’s a snack, clean your teeth. 

If you neglect teeth brushing, you could cause tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities. The Invisalign will press any leftover food against your teeth and gums, creating an opportunity for excess sugars, bacteria, etc. to fester in the aligners. 

Losing Aligners

The most common downfall with aligners is that losing them is easy. 

To prevent the loss, always keep your aligner case on hand. Only place your aligner in the case when you remove it. Always put the case somewhere where you will grab it before leaving any location. 

Tips on Caring for Invisalign

Don’t worry – caring for Invisalign is not as difficult as you may think after considering these common issues. Here are some helpful tips on Invisalign care. 

Pain Treatment

Switch to soft and lukewarm foods when you experience any Invisalign-related discomfort. You can also take ibuprofen or acetaminophen if the pain is too unbearable. If the aligners rub against your mouth, try an ulcer gel or ask Dr. McClaran for help. 

Commit to Your Treatment

If you want a straighter smile, you must commit to wearing your aligners for the recommended time. If you don’t, treatment may take longer since Dr. McClaran may have to fit you with new aligners. It’ll be worth it when you start to see results.

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Though clear aligners may sound daunting after reading about these common Invisalign problems, millions of patients have achieved a straighter and more beautiful smile with this treatment. 

With proper care and commitment to treatment, Dr. McClaran and her staff can guarantee that Invisalign will help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. For more information on Invisalign, visit our Invisalign page or contact us today!