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In Tomorrowland, you’ll find lightsabers, the monorail, submarines, and of course, space mountain! Like Walt, Dr. McClaran brings the best and most technologically advanced treatment to her patients, taking things to infinity and beyond! She is always learning new ways to make orthodontic treatment the best possible and prides herself in attending numerous continuing education hours yearly.

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We take pride in providing the latest in orthodontic technology

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Communication and visualization are keys to helping you, our patients, feel comfortable in the chair and help understand your oral health conditions. 


Technology is at its very best when it is invisible. That’s InBrace. Space-age Material Science: InBrace Smartwires are made of a space-age material called nitinol.


The Propel VPro is an FDA-approved high-frequency vibration device that promotes rapid healing and reduces orthodontic recovery times.


Invisalign is another treatment modality to straighten teeth without using traditional brackets and wires that we have become so accustomed to. 

3D Printing

At McClaran Orthodontics, we utilize 3D Printing when making retainers and our specialty in-house aligners. 

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